Kino by Kinetx Co

Kino simulates a real life, organic, human to human interaction in a group by focusing on the person you want to chat with. It's like being physically there through video. Virtual never felt so personal.

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Secured and Encrypted

Your Kino meetings are private between the members of the meeting

Stay Connected

Focus on the person you want to talk to. Focused users’ volume increases while everyone else is set to a lower setting. Allow you to still hear the chatter in the background.

Professional video reimagined

Your virtual office space virtualized. Create work groups by focusing on your immediate team members.

Real life social experience

Talk to other individuals in your video group by focusing on their audio while still being able to hear background chatter and see your friends.

Full Volume Control

Set volume levels of all participants or individuals in the video group.

Cross Platform

Use your computer browser or mobile apps. Kino is designed to deliver the best video experience.


Kino by Kinetx Co was created to provide an organic human to human interaction in a video group chat. Unlike other platforms where multiple participants' chatter comes off as undistinguished noise, Kino allows you to focus on one user's voice and lower the rest. This lets you hear someone call your name, hi!, while talking with someone in the group. Just like being in a room with other people you can form 1 on 1 or more conversations and interact as individuals in a group - but also as a group eventually hoping to hear... a speaker, a musician, hold a large family gathreings. Kino feels so close over video. Try it now - it's completely free!

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